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Utrecht by night 2

First shot with a small light trail that looked good, so I set the exposure or bit longer to get a longer trail from right to left.

Utrecht by Night 1

I took this picture while doing a photo shoot through Utrecht together with a friend of mine.




Sunset Tazacorte


Grande Piano and Castellucchio

Bromo vulcano

Bromo vulcano, Java, Indonesia


Picture of some flowers at the Keukenhof.


Install Darktable 1. open a terminal 2. type sudo add-apt-repository ppa:pmjdebruijn/darktable-release-plus 3. type sudo apt-get update 4. Open the software center, look for darktable and install it Why? Darktable is an Adobe Lightroom or Apple Aperture alike application for linux. Let’s see what the program can do…