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Project bakfiets

The ‘box’ of the bakfiets is at its end and needs a repair. Rain and winter did their job and the box starts to fall apart. I measured the size of the current box and used that to model a 3D virtual version of it. Then took the virtual model apart to fit it on …

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Case for HiFi speaker filter

Actually, the bottom part of the case. The rest is already there and made of wood. I like to experiment with a bit of 3D printing so now and then and decided to create the bottom plate for the external filter. Created in Blender. I am really curious how this works out. About to send …

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NFC chips

This week I ordered a few NFC chips to play around with using my Android phone. It turns out that these can make a dead easy way to configure your phone! I’m planning to have one sticker somewhere in my car to configure it for ‘driving’ i.e. turn off Wifi, put it in Car Mode …

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Rasberry Pi and Z-Wave makes Razberry

Here’s a guideline to setup GPIO addon on your Rasberry Pi and install OpenRemote. Hardware addon module is bought separately from the Rasberry Pi and can be plugged in using the GPIO pins on the board. So far, for the hardware setup 🙂 Software Setup Rasberry Download the hardfloat version of Raspbian “wheezy” …

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Autumn Lage Vuursche

Harley Davidson

Park Assist

Snel en gemakkelijk gebruik maken van je bezoekersvergunning? Dat kan met Park Assist! PA slaat de gegevens van jouw parkeervergunning op. Wanneer je bezoek krijgt hoef je alleen het kenteken in te vullen en op verzenden te drukken. PA zal een SMS naar de gemeente sturen en bij ontvangst van de bevestiging automatisch een alarm …

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Utrecht by night 2

First shot with a small light trail that looked good, so I set the exposure or bit longer to get a longer trail from right to left.