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Setting up a Drupal 7.7 site

First install Drupal 7.7 by downloading the necessary files, creating a database and uploading the files onto your server. Then when Drupal is setup, this is a way of configuring it to fit: enable clean-url’s extend the fields for users, such as Name, Last name, etc. list of users (for authenticated users only) custom footer …

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Setup Android Development environment

Howto on setting up an Android Development environment: download Java JDK e.g. jdk-6u25-windows-i586.exe download eclipse e.g. eclipse-SDK-3.6.2-win32.zip download Android SDK e.g. installer_r11-windows.exe install eclipse plugins: Graphical Editing Framework (GEF), Google Plugin 3.6 and the Android Development Tools (ADT)

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Some more Drupal 7.2 testing…

Now Drupal 7.2 is setup, I’m looking into how to configure it to fit: extend the fields for users, such as Name, Last name, etc. list of users (for authenticated users only) calendar with coming events (for authenticated users only) share and store documents (for authenticated users only) share and store pictures (for authenticated users …

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Install Darktable 1. open a terminal 2. type sudo add-apt-repository ppa:pmjdebruijn/darktable-release-plus 3. type sudo apt-get update 4. Open the software center, look for darktable and install it Why? Darktable is an Adobe Lightroom or Apple Aperture alike application for linux. Let’s see what the program can do…

Test Drupal on a Ubuntu 11.04 LAMP server

There are probably a lot of different ways to test Drupal. I’ll be testing it on a local computer using a LAMP server, in my case Ubuntu with Apache, MySQL and PHP. Note: this might be a rather technical post.

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First 3D model of a house

Learning how to use blender out of curiousity and to get an idea of what a house would look like. Looking at the schematics is quite different from seeing a house in 3D. Render 1 – The first floor More pictures after the break…

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Learning to make a good capuccino, I’ll blog about my experiences and some pictures… The machine I’m learning to create espresso’s and cappuccino’s on, is the Ascaso Steel Duo together with one of their grinders. They make a nice couple. After trying AH beans and some others, I currently prefer Smit & Dorlas beans and …

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