Some more Drupal 7.2 testing…

Now Drupal 7.2 is setup, I’m looking into how to configure it to fit:

  1. extend the fields for users, such as Name, Last name, etc.
  2. list of users (for authenticated users only)
  3. calendar with coming events (for authenticated users only)
  4. share and store documents (for authenticated users only)
  5. share and store pictures (for authenticated users only)
  6. remove breadcrumb (maybe…)

Ad 1 Extend user fields

Via Configuration –> People –> Account settings go to Manage fields and add all fields you want to have for your users.

Ad 2 List of users

Install Ctools ( Then install Views ( Enable Chaos tools in the Modules page, then enable Views and at last enable Views UI.

For more extended help on Views, install Advanced help ( and enable it.

Create a new view based on users, add the fields created in step 1 that you want to appear, set the output to e.g. table and you’re set.

Ad 3 Calendar

Via Google

The easy easy way is to just create a page, make it only visible for authenticated users and add a link in the page pointing to e.g. a Google calendar. In this case, just maintain the calendar via Google.

Setting access to pages for authenticated users requires the Content Access module ( When installed and enabled, make sure to enable access control per content node.

Via Drupal

Setup dates in the system using the Date module ( Then use the Calendar module ( for creating a Google alike calendar view.

After installing the modules, enable the Date API, then Date, then Date Views and finally the Calendar module. Create a new content type, call it e.g. Event. Add a field called e.g. Date of type Date to the new content type.

Note: somehow a View is not able to link to the new date field. In a previous version it worked, either use an older version of the modules or wait for it to be fixed.

Ad 4 Share and store documents

Ad 5 Share and store pictures

4 and 5 seem to be related. A solution for both is the Media module ( which requires the Styles module (

For Styles enable Styles, File Styles and Styles UI.

Ad 6 Remove breadcrumb

Edit themes/bartik/templates/page.tpl.php, find the lines that print the breadcrumb and comment the lines.



Enable rewrite module by adding it to Apache, use sudo a2enmod rewrite, then edit the /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/000-default file, set AllowOverride All for /var/www and then restart Apache (sudo /etc/init.d/apache2 restart).

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