First 3D model of a house

Learning how to use blender out of curiousity and to get an idea of what a house would look like. Looking at the schematics is quite different from seeing a house in 3D.

Render 1 – The first floor

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Two cappuccini please…

Wat Arun @night, Bangkok, Thailand

Picture of Wat Arun in Bangkok, Thailand.
Click on the picture to get the original (big!) file.

Luzern central station

Picture of the central station in Luzern, Switserland.
Click on the picture to get the original (big!) file.

More on Android…

Running and using Android 2.2 on the HTC HD2 was already great. But using Android on the Desire HD is even better as Android is running from ROM, not from the memory card. So it’s faster, more responsive and has some nice additions such as a 8 megapixel camera and Dolby. Other updates such as e.g. DLNA are probably also part of a Desire HD ROM for the HD2.

Here is a list of apps that I found to be pretty usefull or just nice to play with:

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Canon EF lens

Say you’re looking for a new lens for your Canon 5D Mark II camera and you’re currently using the Canon EF 24-105 f/4L IS USM lens with it. The 24-105 lens has a nice reach, is L build, has IS, but lacks speed in the dark. When photographing indoor with low lights and no flash, I noticed that this lens is not fast enough to freeze movement of people. Question is: what lens to pick?

Of course it should be a lot faster, but what else? Get a prime or a zoom?
And if you’re going for a prime, which focal length would be the best?

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Android on HTC HD2

Great! It is possible to run Android on your good old Windows Mobile 6.5 HTC HD2 device!

After installing Android on the SD card, it runs pretty well. OK, of course there are some improvements that need to be done, the overall experience is very nice.

See the XDA developers forum for more information.


Learning to make a good capuccino, I’ll blog about my experiences and some pictures…

The machine I’m learning to create espresso’s and cappuccino’s on, is the Ascaso Steel Duo together with one of their grinders. They make a nice couple. After trying AH beans and some others, I currently prefer Smit & Dorlas beans and am using the Espresso Originale melange.

Some pictures: